March 15, 2017

“With only one week left to enjoy the club before it hops off to other cities, it’s time to experience it for yourself (if you haven’t already!). Consider this your official nude” from Smudge Eats article published on March 14th.

Now in its new home of Pinky Flat on the Torrens Riverbank precinct, the RCC is back and bigger than ever. If shows are your thing then you’ll find you’re spoilt for choice, with cabaret, comedy and even a good dose of acoustic jams all at your fingertips. Beats more your business? Then get yourself to the RCC mixtape stage where you can get your groove on.

Haven’t been yet? In our opinion, the best way to kick off your RCC experience is to travel via the free Eco Caddy service, running from the Garden of Unearthly Delights to the RCC. It’s as easy as spotting one and flagging it down. As soon as you’re onto the riverbank, head through the gates and straight to the PIMMS garden and grab yourself a jug. Snag a table and play a spot of croquet (with PIMMS in hand of course, it always improves performance). Take advantage of the free wifi service and take a photo in front of the RCC flower wall before the sun sets.

As soon as you start feeling peckish, meander up the hill and straight to the eats – there are so many options. You’ll find favourites like polenta chips and fresh gnocchi from Mangia Mangia, Pizza from the Fleurieu’s favourite Pizzateca, nachos from the Forage Supply Co and of course the ol’ schnitty on a stick (lathered in gravy, of course).

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